Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The world's wost road sign

In this post, I'd like to announce that The World's Worst Road Sign country falls on ------ Malaysia!!! (Based on Miimo's own research and experiences..haha~)

I was really mad and getting extremely annoyed by the blue & white signboard everywhere but not effectively guide me to the right way!! Not even that, it somehow made me get up to an hour to reach somewhere which only need 20mins! By driving of course!(haha~ Pedestrians wouldn't travel referring to road sign..right?!)

I have had lots of bad experiences driving by following the road sign to reach the destination..(I'm a road blind..I hardly recognize the road even though I've been there for 5 times and above! haha~ Unless I drive there everyday!)
I really hate that the provided road signs always guide me to the wrong way or LONG way! Why I knew it was a long way since I myself also not sure whether which way I should go? Because, it always GUIDES me to make a wrong turn or GUIDES me to miss my way so at the end of the day I have to make another big round or travel through half of the city before I finally get myself to the right place!

The question I would really want to ask...
What is the point of placing the road sign just right at the junction or any turning corner of the road? Does it serve its purpose right?
Do you think that a road blind like me who drives following the road sign would be able to turn into the corner or junction just in time when I've already reached in front? When the time I see the sign, I've already missed the turn or else I should bang the car on my left because I've to make a quick turn to the right way!
Secondly, there is always incomplete guidance! Following the road sign from the very beginning but still on the way, the name of the road just disappeared from the board suddenly and there is few junctions in front! So where should I turn to?!
"Shit...!" That's the word always and mostly came out from my mouth whenever I looked at the Blue-white board!

Goshh~~~ That is really bad..worst..suck..frustrated..annoyed!!
Should get a GPS instead of following the road sign?!


DelvC said...

hahaha ..i understand how you feel ..coz me myself having the same problem ..not because im road blind or i dont remember ..but its because there is a lot place i never drive there before ..

so te sign is really cacat ...i think they purposely ...so u use more petrol ..then petronas earn more money ..hahaha!!

Miimo.L said...

haha~ i think so! really made me sick..especially after a whole day worked..then still need to go somewhere unfamiliar with..and then still went to a wrong way..goshh..it was killing me!

Aster said...

miimo miimo... ni hai hao ma?

DelvC said...

hahaha yeah !! u know ..last week was my first time driving to KL city !! to pavillion ..i was like ..which sign board to look for ..

going is easy but when coming back ..i took so many wrong turning and went the wrong way ...stuck in jam somemore ..siao ah KL road ..hahaha!

Jitzu said...

Waa...aster so good, concerning ooo, not like the usual u geh~ XD

Miimo get GPS oso susah, cos GPS needs signal. If drive half way then hilang signal then really jia lat lor~