Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a sunny morning

We're considered not that late today and we still able to buy ourselves
the food for lunch on the way to office...

Early in the morning, received call from my lovely friend far apart the
ocean and concerning about how I have been doing these days! so happy
to hear her voice again and her funny bf ever!! LOL~ I really love u guys
so much for being so silly in the early morning to wake up my mind before
work! Thanks for buying me the presents too! I wish i could really get
myself to visit you in this end of year...but seems difficult! ya...why...
because I'm poor all the time! :(
Anyone wanna sponsor me half for the flight.....I truely wish for!!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

July shots

off from work... :D

I've got a new scarf...again!

hanging out with Ross... she is a great mommy ever!!
and she forced me to buy her son the Dior milk bottle...!!!
Yeah...just for you,okay! because I love u guys so much! :D

there's few friends said that I just looked like the Tweety Bird
in the Looney Tunes cartoon...or else..Chicken Little!? WTH..... lol~'s all just because of the "goggles glasses"!


Some nice songs that I'm listening to...

Green Day - 21 Guns
The Pierces - Secret

Sunday late afternoon...resting at home...
sore throat, flu and feeling sick..!
but still can't resist to blog... -_-


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun after work

It's Friday, chiling out after works...
Having some drinks at the bar...talking...playing
and having good food! Thanks for the treats! :D

won't miss the posing time...LOL~

camwhoring session... :D

Miss Sook Rong (with her nice "fixed teeth") hahaha~

MissSookRong, MissAster, MissMiimo & Joot...

The 3 pretty girls + the Swedish man! Mr.Andreas from our team.

Another funny Swedish, Jonas...but not Jonas Brothers! We're having fun
all night at the Mist Club after bar time... :D Thanks Andreas again!!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wherever we go, we snap

At lunch hour, in the restaurant, we ate Pasta Zanmai that day!

Dessert after meal! Thanks Alvin~ :D

eating...walking...and posing.. LOL~

In the elevator...and we saw mirror! lol~

we get into the car...

still eating.....

still taking photos and acting silly...

still playing.....

Ended up....feeling dizzy in the car and couldn't
wait to get back to the office and sit still -_-|||


Monday, July 20, 2009

Skateboard incident

Last Saturday when we were having BBQ party at the poolside...
and here this 2-wheels skateboard thingy became the so popular game of the day!!

What happened was...when everyone were crazy playing and competing..
our Princess Rong(Known as Miss.Sookrong) fell down and.....her face
directly hit to the ground and broke her front teeth!!!!! Gosh...we
are too old for breaking our teeth off since we are no longer coming
out with any new teeth!! The only thing could help is, go for the
dentist and make a new plastic teeth! Her lip is now swollen with the
teeth broken...I don't think she'd allow me to post her pic here... LOL~
Pity rong... :( Anyway, thank god that was not breaking the nose or the
eyes! It will be alright...get well soon!! And the lesson not
over-play! haha~ Hey guys... I was happy being a loser that day!!
See what had happened now!(everyone laughed at me for playing liked a
noob coz I really scared of falling down!) hahaha~ (sorry sookrong,
plz allow me to L-O-L!! hahaha)

Once the incident happened...everybody liked stunned and stopped playing
anymore. :( We totally blew off the thought of getting ourselves a
skateboard!! It was so dangerous!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love Stop Motion!! U gonna watch this!

The PEN Story from PENStory on Vimeo.

The artists had shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and
shot over 1.800 pictures again to come out with this project!!!

I love watching stop motion!!

I feel amazing watching the pictures move!! haha :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some words

I'm thinking,
sometimes, when things happen..
I do not know whether I can or not,
but I just want it.
It's how I want things to be.
What I believe is,
when you want something, U can come out with something.
The great capability always comes when there's a strong desire!
It's my life, I must do something about it.
See me as who I am, not what I'd achieved,
I may achieve nothing but it doesn't mean a failure,
it depends on which side we're looking at.
Think twice, still following my heart.
Your words are always being kept in my mind,
as my guidance throughout everything all the time.
I may against it but I still need it, indeed.


Amazing video that you shouldn't miss

SOUR / 日々の音色 (Hibi no Neiro) MV

This music video was shot for Sour's 'Hibi no Neiro' (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album 'Water Flavor EP'. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam.

Director: Masashi Kawamura + Hal Kirkland + Magico Nakamura + Masayoshi Nakamura

SOUR official site:

This was a very cool project!! By using just webcam! One day, I wanna do a video like this using my webcam too, instead of just camwhoring! LOL~ when I'm free...might be yearsss later..haha!

Thanks Jason for sharing this awesome stuff with us!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

A working afternoon

It was about 330pm in the office, the clock was
moving so slow and it still remained 3:xx pm..
What we did to make ourselves staying awake and
getting out of boredom caused by the works on the
screen... Here it comes! camwhoring session! LOL~

... had some little fun before we
got back to our seats and continued...working.

P/S: Pictures were grabbed from Rames's album!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009