Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally, I got a new blog

Have been thinking for some move here in Blogspot..
or should have said that I actually got a blogspot account long time ago!
Just that i'm not using it for the previous days..
(I've been registering myself on lots of blogs.. spaces.. or whatever accounts..but.. seems that I was too busy to manage them all! haha~ End up most of them are just with unknown user! )

Not sure whether was my connection problem or the blog prob itself..
my old blog works super duper SLOW and laggg these days! I hardly stand for it anymore!
And finally, I am here...with a brand new ones! hehe :D


alvint said...

nice pic. very cool poses

rosslyn said...

Ross here.. so nice n cool pic!!!!! yao yeng!!

Joash Chan said...

very creative.

iamKinoko said...

lolz ! welcome to blogspot world !

DelvC said...

should have move to blogspot earlier loh ..haha ..but glad u are using blogspot ..!!

Miimo.L said...

ah~~thank you everyone for visiting here :D
Ross! I love you!!

should ask my friend to move here as well! everything seem smoother and faster. :)

Anonymous said...

english blog works wayyy better for me, babe! :)

Delexandar said...

Wow~ Welcome to the BLOGspot! so nice nya, your self snap shot.


sadhu said...


Miimo.L said...

啊~~ 我有這個榮幸可以讓你狂笑哦!! 哈哈哈~

Pinkfiddlepop said...

I love your blog