Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Day Back To Work

Yesterday was a MC day..
so today is my first day back to work again after the chinese new year break~
Should be refreshed and a brand new start over and work harder! was a sleepless night yesterday!! It was almost 4am and my eyes still opened. I have to wake up at 7am in the morning! So ended up..i had only 3 hours sleep! which for me is extremely not enough! yeah...I need almost 10 hours..for the best sleep~ unlike college time.. 2 DAYS without sleep but i still able to run here and there and hanged around. Now days...i felt like DYING without enough sleep! Is that a sign of people getting old?!

Company has changed the policy that everyone has to be in at 830am!(last time was 930-10am and ended at 6pm but left at least 630pm) That means I need to wake up at 630am in the morning! what da heck...!? >_<

So today I'm just feeling TIRED and SLEEPY instead of a fresh and invigorating mode!


Rachel 盈欣 said...

Gambateh la...Sleep more la..:p

DelvC said...

hey better get more rest sick too ..injured my arm and sight fever ..
on MC yesterday ..

and ur company policy is quite hardcore ..8.30am ? hahaha!! thats early !! last time mine can come in anytime between 8.30 to 12pm ..

now changed too ..latest 10am. not too bad ..