Monday, September 5, 2011

#174 - Designer VS Copywriter #1

Designer: if i get pregnant, who is my husband?

Copywriter: u don't need a husband to get pregnant.

Designer: i need.

Copywriter: there's a sperm bank. u know it, right. U can buy the sperms and get pregnant.

Designer: Oh.

Copywriter: U can even design your baby! u want the blue eyes... brown hair..etc etc.

Designer: why do these men sell their sperms to the spermbank?

Copywriter: they want money.

Designer: then my baby's genes are from these people? who selling sperms to the bank to get money?

Copywriter: ya....

Designer: I don't want it.

Copywriter: not really, there are professional genes too...

Conversation between Designer M and Copywriter M, ended at nowhere.