Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Dinner

Always the long table in Western culture..

.....Marinated Chicken

Smoked Chicken Spaghetti in creamy sauce with......

Salt-Pepper Squid & Herbs Garlic Toast

Why they put the wine bottles all on the floor...?!

The light...I felt it's nice

The Italy keychain..

After a tired working day.. must get ourselves something nice! haha~
Tonight, We've had a great dinner at a Italian Restaurant.. called La Casa.
The smoked chicken spaghetti in creamy sauce and marinated chicken,
The salt and pepper squid and herbs garlic toast..
( I don't really remember the exact name of the dishes.. just simplify it.. haha )
We didn't have the wine of course.. but with the ice peach tea instead.. LOL~

The food were so tasty! so yummy~ So Satisfied~ >o<
Other than shopping..eating nice food at nice place makes me so happy and distressed, too!

But, seemed that I just forgot about my big dream, huge mission...
It's fine..I'll visit the gym for the coming weeks... MORE often!
Thanks to my sis for the dinner treat! I love you~! :D

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