Sunday, February 8, 2009

When I was in the office...

When we are all spending at least 8 hours everyday in the office,
what do we do other than working?!

When I was in the office...

I worked!! very hard of course! haha~

I surfed the internet until tabs fully occupied the browser
width and firefox forced to quit!

I kept typing on the keyboard and trying to be as silent
as possible when I talked to people on the MSN.

I listened songs with my headphone until my colleague
threw papers towards my head to call me over.

I snapped pictures! To record down how I become older
and older day by day!

I talked to my colleagues about some random nonsense
to avoid smelly mouth!

I bitten by Miss Aster whenever I sat beside her,
reason why? May be her weird habit to bite people, I guess.

I tried to drink green tea instead of coffee to make myself
stayed awake especially after the lunch break.

I flipped the books when I wish to touch something inspiring
without holding the mouse.

I kept looking at the computer clock so I could leave the
premise as soon as possible before terrorists attack over.

I......etc, etc, etc...
always thinking ways to entertain myself when I was in the office!

For me, Working is not just working.

1 comment:

Jitzu said...

I think tht's Aster way of avoiding smelly mouth~ By transfering the smell to your hand... XD hahaha