Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm not sure is it a good thing

Today I've just made a "not-little" (not so big either..) decision for myself... without consult any "big people" in my family! wihout their knowingness as well! I'll let them know later of course. And actually... I think i'm already a "big people" as well... No longer a kid.
All this while, whatever or whenever that decision is needed, I would surely consult the adults, to help me decide, think, or to guide me out to the safest way. I was just too dependent on people around me which i shouldn't be! I was just used to it since little that problems would be just settled by family..boyfriend..friends or even my younger sister! I was a poor one...damn it! An useless...unreliable person?! That's why my words were always treated as nonsense shit by my friends around! wtf...! even i was serious sometimes! It'd been my trademark, a nonsense freak who ever thought of the watermelons were grown on the tree! LOL~ In fact, I've been always trying to settle things by my own. I really do! Just that people do not much realize about it. Because why? I'm low-profile enough! hahaha~

However, the lucky me still got a little few buddies who can understand me and can really talk. I appreciate them a lot! Bryan and Mafex! I love u guys so much!!! I think only u 2 would know that my brain is actually working and not just filled with nonsense shit... right?! (may be a little bit of it should have..) haha!! Thanks for always being the supportive ones! I wouldn't forget to mention yours name whenever I got the Nobel Award soon!! XD

I want to work things out on my own which Im already doing now.... I want to have my own decision, for my own life, for whatever i want to do or i want to have or wherever I want to go! But, with my kind of attitude, I'm not so sure whether it is a right thing to do sometimes or will i regret it later. I just know that, if I never give it a try, i would surely regret, no matter what! So, I would rather regret it after that instead of never dare to even make a move! As if im young so i can say thing this way!? Whenever come into choices or decisions, i hate the term "consideration"! I would consider but it won't be long. People may use up to a month to make a 50 steps further decision.. but I may probably take a week and plan only up to 5 steps ahead! Cos.. who knows I'll just die and head to the heaven on the 4th step! I guess people who think they know me well would just throw me a word "Stupid". I accept it. Isn't there's a saying that girls shouldn't be too clever cos it's difficult to find a husband next time?! hahaha!

I always believe in "When there's a will, there's a way" ! No matter how's my life would be, may be a little more burden...a little more difficult...a little more responsibilities...a little more pressures... I'll take it. For sure. Because, it's my life. May be 1 day soon I'll really make another bigger decision which I've been longing for a long time... :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World Premiere " If I were the Boss "

If I were the boss
Even just for a day
I would change the station name from Hitz to Radio Ean and JJ

If I were the boss
Work will start on Tuesday
We will end the week on Thursday and everyday will be halfday

If I were the boss
I think I could understand
How it feels to work on budget
And give a raise of 20cent
Hang out with the girls

And be hard on the guys
Might dispatch me riding Harleys
Our trips will be to Bali
If we bankrupt I will break down and cry

If I were the boss
I will come up with a plan
Make everyone do all the work
Take the credit and look like the man

If I were the boss
My lunch break will be 2days
I have PS3 in my room 200inch LCD and play all day
My way..JJ

If I were the boss
I think I could understand
How it feels to work on budget
And give a raise of 20cent
Hang out with the girls
And be hard on the guys

Might dispatch me riding Harleys
Our trips will be to Bali
If we bankrupt I will break down and cry

Cause I will always come in late
Just to show who I'm
And if I was a girl I will make them all call me Mam
If you thought I would be nicer
Then you thought it wrong~

But we are not the boss
So we cannot "cuti"(holiday)....cannot "cuti"(holiday)..
Come to office really early
To try to make some money
So we can open stall "jual nasi" (sell rice)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Confidence

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends who might enjoy doing the memo as well as the person you got the memo from.
( I've tagged Aster, Bryan, Mafex, Alvin, Claudine, Billy, Brandon, Flashok, SookLing, Kevin! if you guys see this, copy it and paste your answers into your blog or FB ok?! )


- Circus

- Separate Ways

- Shattered Glass

- It doesn't matter

- my love will get you home

- That's Just The Way We Roll

- Treat Me Right

WHAT IS 2+2?
- Watermark

- Book Of Days

- In The Shadow

- Where There's Gold

- Your Girl

- Take It Back Intro

- In Love Again

- Coyotes

- Summer Snow

- how does it feel

- Feeling Better

- In My Arms

- Ooh Yeah

- Wake Me Up When September Ends

- close to you

- Cygne (trip mix) - Cristiana Del Bello

- Your Call

- nobody's home

- All Fall Down

- uma noite

- Tremble for My Beloved

- Superman

- The Confidence

yeah...i'm just too free to do this which i feel it's a little funny thing for my day before Im really off to bed. Goodnite.

Craving For Starbucks

I miss Starbucks... It's been some time I never give Starbucks an earnings and treat myself a Frappuccino Espresso! I 'm craving for caffeine so badly these days! Whenever I just see the big green circle thing appears in front of me, I just can't wait to get in and order myself a Ice Blended Espresso without cream!! But I just can't! I've promised myself to stop having coffee for at least a month time! I just want to be healthy.. My gastric wouldn't be cured if I just keep the way of everyday a coffee! LOL~ I've told my lovely friend, Miss Aster, to NOT EVER allow my devil me leads myself into the Starbucks Coffee! haha~ I just know myself too well... most probably I'll just say drink it today for the lastime and leave everything for tomorrow. Yeah...Miss Aster has been doing a very good job...untill sometimes I hate her!!! LOL~

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's in the Squary Boxes

I got this shelves storage from IKEA... long long time ago!
See what I've put in there.....
And now, before things being shifted, let's get it a snap, for what it has been!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I like to watch Drum Covers

The song from Muse - Times is running out
This is awesome!! I like this song so much!
This guy's cover really well! I like the way he played!
he was so hot in it! :D

Sum41 - Still waiting
Yeah... This another song that I like it so much too!
This guy doesn't seem like a drummer... LOL~
But his cover was amazingly great!! >o<>_<

Friday, February 20, 2009

Malaysia has the 3rd highest number of...

OMG.. has already been accumulated to a total of MYR 6000 ???!!!

Every morning on my way to work..there is this question from the FLY FM!!!

" Malaysia has the 3RD HIGHEST NUMBER OF WHAT in the world??? "

and still no one answers it right even some of them have already googled it!
What is the answer...what is the answer...
6k...!! How i gonna win it?! >_<

Let's do BIG thing, small people

During the meeting today, holding a pen and non-stop sketching...
Yeah.. I want to be something small but i wish to do something!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Dinner

Always the long table in Western culture..

.....Marinated Chicken

Smoked Chicken Spaghetti in creamy sauce with......

Salt-Pepper Squid & Herbs Garlic Toast

Why they put the wine bottles all on the floor...?!

The light...I felt it's nice

The Italy keychain..

After a tired working day.. must get ourselves something nice! haha~
Tonight, We've had a great dinner at a Italian Restaurant.. called La Casa.
The smoked chicken spaghetti in creamy sauce and marinated chicken,
The salt and pepper squid and herbs garlic toast..
( I don't really remember the exact name of the dishes.. just simplify it.. haha )
We didn't have the wine of course.. but with the ice peach tea instead.. LOL~

The food were so tasty! so yummy~ So Satisfied~ >o<
Other than shopping..eating nice food at nice place makes me so happy and distressed, too!

But, seemed that I just forgot about my big dream, huge mission...
It's fine..I'll visit the gym for the coming weeks... MORE often!
Thanks to my sis for the dinner treat! I love you~! :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

All I ever wanted was a little credit

My sis bought this novel for me as my birthday present..
(she said wanna get me a new mobile phone..but ended up with this.. -_-||| because she hadn't stricken her lottery game! LOL~ ) Thanks anyway since I wanted to read this long time ago.

She chose this for me because.. the story and the character inside sound a little bit inspiring me.. LOL~ which I always behave just like what Becky Bloomwood (the character) does. I always wish that my VISA bill would be sent wrongly to another person or may be the bank will just miss charging my swipes or whatsoever.. >_< and the most important is All I wanted was a little more credit now, too!! Anyway, this book is interesting and hilarious!! haha~ Strongly recommended to anyone who considers themselves as a shopaholic or anyone who loves and hates their credit card at the same time..or anyone poor like me but still always thinks of helping to boost up the economy.. XD (There's a Movie version of this fiction too!)

Im poor but I still can't resist to shop! I don't know why..
Shopping seems to make me so happy and enjoyable.. sigh~ But after all, left only miserable bills and numbers to be settled off. But I still think of some nice and good and of course super reasonable excuses to support and convince myself all the time. I just love myself too much.. I even told myself it was excited and challenging to think of HOW to settle the bills every end of the month.. what the hell am I thinking... I'm gonna die very soon. LOL

Anyway, I think I was improving.. not to shop that much and slowly having the stingy kind of attitude which I wouldn't have think about last time. Being stingy is good for me! haha~ And the concept of saving as well! Thanks to my friends keep reminding me all the time without giving me up~ Yours words have really gone into my ears and been saved in my brain.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Valentine's Day

Woke up at 1 something noon and still feeling so tired and wanted to sleep more again..
probably I knew that I'll have nothing to do today and why not i just sleep as much as I can since I complained a lot that I didn't get enough sleep everyday~!

The house is quiet..seems like mommy and sis have gone out for their plan and own activity~ I'm just going to have my very own and private time, resting my mind without people nagging all around. haha~
Why people seem like so busy and planned today? Just because it's valentine's day? A day that should be filled with Love. Is it the single people should feel lonely and all alone on this full-of love day? It's subjective. For me, at least not so serious about it.

Many people asked me what is the plan tonight or not going anywhere? or with anyone?
My answer is, No. and Why should I? or do they think I must? However, today is not the right time to look for my friends to hang out because most of them are spending their time with their loved ones and I don' think I want to place myself in that situation! I do have friends, quite number of single friends too. haha! but NONE of my female friends who is single!! Arghh~ may be I just have less girl friends. It makes me feeling emo a little bit when I see that I'm the only girl without boyfriend among the girls! >_< I'm easily feeling emo and I'm also easily getting out of the emo. So it still fine.. haha~

I admit that I'm very emotional. Think a lot.
Like or hate happy or sad can be just different in another minute.
I don't like doing things alone, it makes me depressed. But I'm not sociable either..
I prefer staying at home alone with my computer DVDs Dramas TVs Books Musics or spend my time with people who really know me and I know them well or my doggy MOMO. I love partying, I love hangouts, but only with good friends.
I really want to say sorry to those who always asked me out and I just turned them down.. Sorry. It's my problem that I just lazy to socialize and meeting people and talking about some random generated topics. It really depends much on my mood. Please do not judge me, I'm just being myself and at least i still fine with it. Sounds like I'm someone who hard to get along with.. may be it's true.

Thus, in this so called full-of love day, I do not feel much lonely because I don't have anyone in my mind that I feel I want to share with. I think people might only feel the loneliness when there is someone in their mind but just couldn't get along with them. I just realize this recently. From my own point of view. It may not apply to all.

However, in the previous days when I was in a relationship, Yes, I felt loving and I appreciated the Valentine's day a lot! I'd have planned may be a month earlier what to do for my love ones and I'd really want to spend the day and share the love with him and I wished that was the day of just only both of us. haha~ sounds childish?! might be. Just because I'm that kind of, if i really love someone, I will just completely in love with that someone and I'll just want to give him the best ever.
But this only happens when I really fall into someone. Otherwise like now, I do not have any feeling at all to anyone or anything... It sounds extreme and bad. I do appreciate the goods people have done for me, all I can do is, saying Thank you truly from heart. I feel a little bit guilty and I think I do not deserve it sometimes, even as friends. I even feel myself just behave like a freak.. -_-|||

I know that I may have given bad impression to people because of my odd attitude. I'm really sorry for that. I just haven't find that right one, doesn't mean that I'm bad to people who may think I'm not a good people or won't even be a good girlfriend or even friend. I just can't help it on how people think on me. Until the right one appears, things would be revealed. hahahahaha~
Friends asked, if I still behave this way to people, how i gonna get the right one then?! haha~ It was a good question! Be frankly, I don't know. May be just wait til he falls from the sky one day in the morning soon. I believe that the right one will just appear if he is the right one no matter how i behave. Right?!

Anyway, wish everyone in love Happy Valentine's Day! :)

I would really want to say Thank You to the sender himself / herself..haha~ But I really do not know who sent this to me! I don't think I'll be happy receiving flowers from unknown sender.. a little bit scary instead and I don't like secret too. I would be glad enough if you just let me know. Anyway, was a surprise! Thank you. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009



談話內容不算多..可是的確也感受到大家的思想, 生活, 眼光, 性情.. 都很不同了!
所謂從前的臭味相投..最了解我的莫過於你..還是那種不管什麼時候什麼心情都互相體諒分享心情想法的我們..好像真的消失了吧 !
現在的.. 所有都很表面..表面得令人感覺很沮喪. 很沒有內容的談話.

人, 真的會變, 親情, 友情, 愛情或隨便什麼情, 沒有東西是不會變的吧! 更沒有什麼是永久保鮮期的..
就算不變..也只是軀殼而已. 藏在軀殼裡面的.. 其實可能早已變質了!
改變了的, 算了, 就由得它去變吧.. 是好是壞, 見人見志, 也由不得外人來定斷.
不過, 只要雙方都有想繼續保鮮的意念, 如果都有一致的理念.. 就算變, 也只不過是昇華的過程. 很難得!
可是不見得所有東西都能夠順利昇華. 還是學習去習慣改變吧!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Momo is growing up

Momo..before her Schnauzer cut.. haha~ Hardly saw her eyes!

She seems like growing bigger and bigger.. I'm so worry.. >_<

With her new hoody shirt..she is really cute!! :D

Momo after gromming! Suddenly becomes so old... >_<

Finally..her eyes.."revealed"! haha~

I don't understand why my sis can kiss with her.. >_< (not really kiss of course..but just letting her licks her face and lips..OMG~! ) I just can't help it.. ! -_-|||

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The world's wost road sign

In this post, I'd like to announce that The World's Worst Road Sign country falls on ------ Malaysia!!! (Based on Miimo's own research and experiences..haha~)

I was really mad and getting extremely annoyed by the blue & white signboard everywhere but not effectively guide me to the right way!! Not even that, it somehow made me get up to an hour to reach somewhere which only need 20mins! By driving of course!(haha~ Pedestrians wouldn't travel referring to road sign..right?!)

I have had lots of bad experiences driving by following the road sign to reach the destination..(I'm a road blind..I hardly recognize the road even though I've been there for 5 times and above! haha~ Unless I drive there everyday!)
I really hate that the provided road signs always guide me to the wrong way or LONG way! Why I knew it was a long way since I myself also not sure whether which way I should go? Because, it always GUIDES me to make a wrong turn or GUIDES me to miss my way so at the end of the day I have to make another big round or travel through half of the city before I finally get myself to the right place!

The question I would really want to ask...
What is the point of placing the road sign just right at the junction or any turning corner of the road? Does it serve its purpose right?
Do you think that a road blind like me who drives following the road sign would be able to turn into the corner or junction just in time when I've already reached in front? When the time I see the sign, I've already missed the turn or else I should bang the car on my left because I've to make a quick turn to the right way!
Secondly, there is always incomplete guidance! Following the road sign from the very beginning but still on the way, the name of the road just disappeared from the board suddenly and there is few junctions in front! So where should I turn to?!
"Shit...!" That's the word always and mostly came out from my mouth whenever I looked at the Blue-white board!

Goshh~~~ That is really bad..worst..suck..frustrated..annoyed!!
Should get a GPS instead of following the road sign?!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Can I Have Your Number?

Sugar In The Marmalada - Leon Lai (Hutchison's TV Commercial)

Haha~~ Mr Brandon made me think of this Leon's long time ago commercial!!
I was so into Leon Lai during my high school time!
Wow..such a good memories for me! :D (I'm always into celebrities
and entertainment stuff..even until now! XD)

In this MTV..the dialogue " Can I have your number?" was real hit and popular
at that time! haha~ Yeah~ It was direct and cool enough to get a girl's number,right?!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When I was in the office...

When we are all spending at least 8 hours everyday in the office,
what do we do other than working?!

When I was in the office...

I worked!! very hard of course! haha~

I surfed the internet until tabs fully occupied the browser
width and firefox forced to quit!

I kept typing on the keyboard and trying to be as silent
as possible when I talked to people on the MSN.

I listened songs with my headphone until my colleague
threw papers towards my head to call me over.

I snapped pictures! To record down how I become older
and older day by day!

I talked to my colleagues about some random nonsense
to avoid smelly mouth!

I bitten by Miss Aster whenever I sat beside her,
reason why? May be her weird habit to bite people, I guess.

I tried to drink green tea instead of coffee to make myself
stayed awake especially after the lunch break.

I flipped the books when I wish to touch something inspiring
without holding the mouse.

I kept looking at the computer clock so I could leave the
premise as soon as possible before terrorists attack over.

I......etc, etc, etc...
always thinking ways to entertain myself when I was in the office!

For me, Working is not just working.

No Camera Allowed

I personally like this very much, the black hat and the big spec.
But I didn't buy them at last. Because I disliked the promoter
shouting at me when i took this picture infront of the mirror!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Got A Death Note

Yeah~ I got a Death Note! (being evil~)
Thanks to Alvino! He gave this to me or should have said that he passed it to me so now I'm going to be that "Kira"! hahaha~ XD

Hmmm...whose name I should write it on..?! ( i'm seriously thinking for people's name now...LOL~)

First Day Back To Work

Yesterday was a MC day..
so today is my first day back to work again after the chinese new year break~
Should be refreshed and a brand new start over and work harder! was a sleepless night yesterday!! It was almost 4am and my eyes still opened. I have to wake up at 7am in the morning! So ended up..i had only 3 hours sleep! which for me is extremely not enough! yeah...I need almost 10 hours..for the best sleep~ unlike college time.. 2 DAYS without sleep but i still able to run here and there and hanged around. Now days...i felt like DYING without enough sleep! Is that a sign of people getting old?!

Company has changed the policy that everyone has to be in at 830am!(last time was 930-10am and ended at 6pm but left at least 630pm) That means I need to wake up at 630am in the morning! what da heck...!? >_<

So today I'm just feeling TIRED and SLEEPY instead of a fresh and invigorating mode!

A Waiting Day

Sitting and waiting and camwhoring..haha~

What happened today and I seemed like all day in the waiting mode -_-
Had an appointment with a doctor and I headed to the hospital for consultation..
and when i reached, the doctor was called for an operation and there was not only me but a bunch of patient waiting for him...><
So, other than just wait I had nothing to do.

It was 2 hours spent for just sitting in the clinic and the only thing i used to entertain myself was my mobile phone! haha~ Thanks Ross for being my companion thru the phone as we kept texting each other about some funny weird stuff! hehe~ otherwise..I'd probably died of boredom or joined the uncle aunties' gossips there! From the uncle aunties' conversations, i knew that the doctor had a long vacation overseas with his wife and kids..the doctor wore the same tie all the years?! The doctor was a christian...bla bla bla.. (I didn't mean to listen but their voices were just nice for that small area) hahaha~ It was interesting enough to just listen!

After the consultation..I waited, again, for my sis to come picking me up from the hospital! And then...another 1 and a half hour spent due to the jam!! I just sat at the lobby and flipped through some newspapers..and i got updated of some local and world affairs.. which I seldom to.

Finally, got home..
and I spent the whole night waiting again! for the stupid internet connection to be fixed! I couldn't get online until the midnight and getting this to be posted!
I'm kind of people that probably can't live without the computer and internet!!
Finish murmuring... and it's time to sleep, Goodnight.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally, I got a new blog

Have been thinking for some move here in Blogspot..
or should have said that I actually got a blogspot account long time ago!
Just that i'm not using it for the previous days..
(I've been registering myself on lots of blogs.. spaces.. or whatever accounts..but.. seems that I was too busy to manage them all! haha~ End up most of them are just with unknown user! )

Not sure whether was my connection problem or the blog prob itself..
my old blog works super duper SLOW and laggg these days! I hardly stand for it anymore!
And finally, I am here...with a brand new ones! hehe :D