Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The two SOOKS!

People used to call us the 2 Sooks... because we are sookkean & sookrong..!! haha!
It'd been really quite some time that we didn't hang out.... but finally we still managed to pull ourselves back together!! :D

We are both the same kind of freak ...
We do not have much friends...
We are not sociable though...
we rarely call up each other or we seldom be the one who dates people at the first place. We just love to wait for calls and may be answer yes or no instead of picking up the phone and start dialing!
I'm really happy when I know that u'r back on the track!! and still the same XiaoRong!! >_< Yeah~ true friends do not need to meet and talk everyday, but still, understood!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the way

On the way to genting... the clouds were so low that day...

snapping all the way...

we successfully got to the right place... we felt the cold :D

It's about 6 p.m...

of course...won't miss snapping people... XD

" 秋明山 " from the top...

the main course of the day: Miriam's concert

when still waiting... we had some coffee and toast

P/S: Mr.BNJJ, please fully charge your phone before come out!!! hahaha :D
Your iphone will only be fully utilized in my hand!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ignorance is bliss

I really love this quote well..
I wish that i could really behave like what the quote has meant.
Just get myself out of all the nonsense shit and fucking people and their fucking mind!! However, we just can't. All these nonsenses are just non-stop recycling and being repeated over years!
I really hate it and tired of it.
What's the point behind this?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another new sneaker

Adidas Sleek Series - Nizza Low Sleek

Almost 2 months...after the CNY,
I never got myself any new clothes/accessories/shoes..etc etc..
cos i wanna SAVE MONEY!!!

But somehow..today, accidentally walked into the Adidas concept store and this little blue sneaker flew into my eyes! Since I was working so hard recently, should have pampered myself with this little light bluery... :D

When I was being at the cashier and gonna pay for it...
I forgot where my purse is!! WTH..... people waited there and I didn't even have a cent with me! What the consequences... of course running back to my car and luckily my purse was still there waiting for me!! Finally, here the sneaker (*sweat) -_-|||

Why I just couldn't have things done steadily and nicely?!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

楊千嬅 All About Love

Just came back from the Genting, the Miriam Yeung's concert!!
It was a nice show...which totally worth for our money!! almost 2 1/2 hours! :D
The weather was cold~ The concert was nice~ The Miriam was great, too!!!
We really like Miriam Yeung~! One of the artist that I feel she is so real, fun and having her own attitude! And...she is an Aquarius!!! Me too!! (means I got attitude as well!!) LOL~~

2 of the road blind...luckily successfully got the right way to Genting! -_-|||
It'd been quite some times that I haven't been to Genting..... more than a year plus, I think..
Saturday night... watched a concert, had a coffee, got some walk and really enjoyed the
cold air ~ :D Considered a great night! But sad, I have to work tomorrow... >_< *sigh

Finally we made it this time! Let's wait for another round!! We love Miriam~ :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Midnight Beat

Travis Barker Session - "Low" by Flo-Rida
Uploaded by theyupplounge

Had a coffee drink with friends and couldn't get to sleep yet..
found this from Bryan... really Love the drumming!! Travis Barker is so cool!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm so tired these days...can't think of anything to write but i still wanna write at least something to keep myself on the track!!

Just got some cold yesterday and luckily after some medicines, I still managed to get back to work! yeah...it's unusual me!! Normally I would just take a MC (medical leave) whenever I felt a little not right... I'm kind of those getting sick easily..My boss really unhappy with my mc! *Sigh! I've no idea how to build some stronger antibody cells...
But there's no mc for this time, because I've lot of works to do!!! I can't just leave it like that... sounds like I'm a responsible person..Haha..yeah..I think i am when come to work whereas to other stuffs..I'm not so sure...I probably wouldn't give a dam on it..haha!
What a miserable sad thing that I know I still need to get myself up in the early morning and back to the office on this coming Sunday!! cos ..deadline on Monday! -_-|||
What to do... The only way to run out of this is, if only I strike the millions lottery!!
It's alright... just work hard before that happens...

Anyway, leave that for now. There'll be some excited stuff tomorrow!!
I'll be going to Miriam Yeung concert at the Genting Highlands!! With my best buddy Mr.BNJJ!!!
Yeah..it's excited since we have missed out her previous concerts not only once!! Finally, we really get ourselves the tickets this time~! Thanks for my lovely sister for helping us to buy the tickets and thanks for Bryan for the half sponsor! :D

P/S: Btw...where is my super-sampler?? Bryan!! >_< I can't wait to play with it!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Biggest plan of the yearsss...

There was less people during the weekend...
That's why only I dared to snap.. haha~

yes...I've big legs...but I appreciate it cos I can walk,
run, jump, and may be kick... Thanks god!

After some times...finally I pick up my gym membership again... -_-
*sob...just kinda lonely when working out alone... >_<
Other than exercises...what I usually do to entertain myself...snapping pictures...again!!
I'm so curious...why none of my friends willing to join the gym where as other people can come to gym with bunch of friends..?! :(
Who wanna join the gym together with me...?!! Exercise is good for health...good for brain..good for head...good for hand...good for leg...good for emotions...good more expression...good for digestion...good for attitude......good for inner and outer...good for......etc..etc..

Whatever...don't bother that...
as long as my mission is still on going!! Good for me!

Finally we've got time to chill out again

Playing with Bryan's phone new features!

When they're talking about man stuffs....this was what i did...snapped... :D

I was addicted to the new lomo cam feature in the phone!

haha...all red on the table!

Conclusion of the night...I wanna get an iPhone too!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another working day

We're being labeled as the "Evil Twins" in the office...but why evil???!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009












這是什麼, 我自己也不清楚...


Monday, March 9, 2009

I love to watch music videos

It's holiday today...
As usual, surfing some webs and getting some inspirations and brainstorming of some huge ideasss..(it's so called day-dreaming..) XD

This music video was already few years back...a song from HK pop singer Alex Fong & Stephy Tang. I'd had watched it countless times before since i kinda like this combination..alex&stephy!
They always looked so sweet together!! And today...surfing youtube as usual...accidentally came to this MV again..so I watched it again! And replayed watching and watching..LOL~

While I was watching the music videos...I always felt that I was into the mood and atmosphere!!
haha..just like I was being in love as what in the video!! Shit.... my day-dreaming symptom again!! Wake up..wake up.... >_< !
So happy to watch music videos... it just sweeps off my bad emo... :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today is Saturday

The park...
Honestly..I'm always lazy to do this thing... What a bad master..!

My sis seems enjoyed doing this thing...
I'm more enjoyed snapping pictures...LOL~

During the weekend...what I've been up to?!
My sis and I decided to bring Momo out for a walk since she's been quite sometime never steps out from the house because.. we are so lazy to wash her legs every time back from the outdoor! She seems to have a little bit depression... staying at home 24/7 for months! LOL~

Since it's a windy Saturday... so just let's go and get some fresh air.
For just only half an hour, while we're still enjoying the dog walk...it's raining!!
What the hell...and we gotta ran home in the rain and became all wet!! -_-

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've bought a book

Finally.. a new one added into my collection!
Had been a year time I hadn't got myself any new book..
Since money is the issue(I need saving!)..and lot of things are able to be googled over the internet now days...
But, nevertheless..I still prefer books!! Something u can touch, u can smell, u can flip or u can tear too if u like! So, it's actually worth the pennies! :)

Everyday is a raining day

I love raining day..but when only I am at home!
These people.. are my lovely weirdo colleagues!
It's raining but still wanted a shot on the street..And I was the one who took picture for them! Hey...I had no hoody with me okay!? and i was directly exposed under the rain! Whenever Im in my hoody or jacket..there's big hot sunny day! so.. I'll usually just stay in the office with cold air-conditioned and pretend to enjoy winter! What a poor ones...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009




最後, 咪都係等死..



最後, 咪爭到死囉..

March's Rainbow

Yesterday...not a great day, but was considered a beautiful day..at least. :)