Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

#110 - Compliment of the Day

I submitted these words to the website and it has been chosen for the "Compliment of the Day" today! haha.. It is a new site, letting you to make any compliments and share it to the world. Make us smile :)
Visit freecompliments.ca to submit yours.

#109 - Conscious vs Subconscious

Today, a friend tells me about how our mind works on its' conscious and subconscious ways. There's always over a period of time to only discover things which we thought it doesn't exist. But it does. Like something that we think we like it or we almost sure that's the way it is, but in fact it's not or actually we do not really into it at all, and vice-versa..
After the conversation, I discovered these statements:
The conscious, I'm doing so fine and everything seems like going so right while the subconscious tells, what am I doing and why am I here and feeling so wrong?!
I couldn't sleep well these days and there's countless times I'd woken up in the middle of night with dreams that I didn't want to recall! So it might be affected by the so-called subconscious?! I don't know...Esto es estúpido. I think it is because of drinking too much coffee these days and especially during the late afternoon and evening!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

#108 - Uprising, by Muse

They're really cool, hot and awesome, great music! I love this video!
Whenever I listen to Muse songs... I'll definitely think of you guys! haha.. they know who they are!

Friday, September 25, 2009

#107 - What starts your day

What I'm craving for now...now..! I haven't got my breakfast yet.. :(
In the middle of work...1 of these pictures caught my eyes, haha! And so leaded me to the Flickr searching for these wonderful breakfast images! I felt even more hungry but it was happy looking on these great stuffs in the morning.. I've decided now what I gonna have for lunch soon! The English breakfast or sandwiches...my all time favorite!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#106 - The Skullcandy

What's your choice for headphone?
It's Skullcandy now...another fashion statement for you people out there!
I really want that Paul Frank Julius Hesh!! Bye, my Sony :)
Visit Skullcandy.

#105 - My Current Statement

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#104 - Updates

I picked up my gym back again... it's all about D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E which i hardly deal with :(

What am I up to...recently?! until I left my blog behind without a word at all for the past whole week. My heart keeps telling me to come down here at least post up something since I really have a lot of thoughts in mind waiting to be written down.
yeah..I did, I signed in everyday and thought of getting something posted. However, i just ended up watching... just didn't feel so expressive.
To sum things up... for the past 10 days, in tag form with no particular order: Dreams, Family, Marriage, Memories, Friendship, Party, Play, Alcohol, Clothes, Money, Shopping, Holiday, Music, Coffee, Jobs, Guys, Gym, Missing, DVD, Movies, Pasta, Computer, Learning, Plans, Motivation, Aggressiveness, Acting, Disappointment, Happiness, September, Farewell, Excitement, Ignorance, Ideas, Trust, Invisible...
I might leave out some other issues, I'm just too lazy. haha Anyway, back on the track now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

#103 - The Blublocker

The Blublocker - The '80s infomercial favorite enters the 21st century.
Recently I was craving for glasses..that I think is another essential style statement. I feel it shouldn't be questioned that, "Why are you wearing glasses though u don't have any sight problems?" or "Why are u wearing sunglasses in the indoor?". These are outdated questions! Don't you know that glasses has become part of fashion accessories?! A style item. Just like why or how you gel up your hair. It's just as normal as that. There's nothing called "too-much" in fashion. It's everyone's choice and fascination.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Time to entertain ourselves at work :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#101 - Loft Living

A designer's loft which I grabbed from Flickr.. I love his space!

This really nice loft looks familiar?! Yeah..it is the Humphrey's house! I love this so much!!

I like this kind of urban living lifestyle, downtown loft living. I just feel it is so nice and artsy, yet it personalizes the owner's characteristic. It is All-in-One, work-cum-living, included my workstation, my bed, my living room, my kitchen..etc.. in just one open space! Yeah...Im a lazy person and this kind of room suits me well. I'd be happy enough wake up in the morning just beside my computer so I can say Hello to the world!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#100 - Postcard

I received this postcard from a very unique friend who is now on his way chasing his big dreams... Yeah..he is still in London now before he decides to move again...haha!
It was a great feeling that I hardly describe whenever I got something from far across the globe. It just simply makes me feeling touched and happy by holding that in my hand but before this was by the sender's! It's kind of feeling "connected" and so close to each other even though we are in 2 different places.

This is what I can't have it's feeling through technologies, like what we use to do it everyday here by using msn, emails..etc. Yes..they're so convenient, so quick and direct get in touch with people but still, it feels cold. I think the most old-school way gives me the most impact of human connection. It is so different than typing on the keyboard and only feeling the screen! Therefore, don't stop writing and deliver to the postbox, and love the postman. Thanks, Averyn! :)