Monday, February 9, 2009

Can I Have Your Number?

Sugar In The Marmalada - Leon Lai (Hutchison's TV Commercial)

Haha~~ Mr Brandon made me think of this Leon's long time ago commercial!!
I was so into Leon Lai during my high school time!
Wow..such a good memories for me! :D (I'm always into celebrities
and entertainment stuff..even until now! XD)

In this MTV..the dialogue " Can I have your number?" was real hit and popular
at that time! haha~ Yeah~ It was direct and cool enough to get a girl's number,right?!


DelvC said...

the commercial reminded me of stephen chow and cheung ka fai's movie ..long long time ago ..

the commercial copy that movie loh i think ...


Anonymous said...

YES!!! you were TOO crazy about him then :D

Jitzu said...

Del, you refreshes my memory. Now I recalled tht movie. Funny stuff~ XD
I wonder how long is this ad. The phone is still a lil brick with Non-color LCD screen~ Lucky thing still got SMS, haha...

PS: Can someone explain why that effect at 1:06? Weird...

And, is tht(1:33) the trend to put phone there at tht time?