Friday, August 28, 2009

#99 - It's Noor Theme

The black & white and the frame...

It's the farewell party hold for our superb CD, Mr.Noor!! He was known for his "official representative appearance", white shirt and black frame glasses..haha~ So the night, everyone dressed for the theme!

we were like....back to the school kids... lol~

We went to the club after party...and the people there wanted to check and see our IC and license!! And wtf was...she insisted wanna to see my ic while the other people just need to show their driving license would do.. :( Hey...Im old enough.. ! Anyway, it's not my fault for having such a face that's always being treated as kid... I should thank it instead.....for saving me money on anti-aging products! LOL~

Last but not least, Good luck and All da best!! Noor! We'll surely miss you~ :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#98 - Sweet

I knew I was late...
just got to watch this yesterday night after work.
Yeah...ah rong, u're right!! It was sweeeeet!!! :D
Nice one~

(OMG...the "Nice one"..Calsberg's slogan... it sounds like a funny slogan now!! reminds me of that few "NICE ONE~" women at the FHM party...instead of the beer itself! LOL~)

Monday, August 24, 2009

#97 - He's just not that into you

DVD that I've watched today...
clau, u're right.. guys are jerks! LOL~
Girls should have watched it! haha

it's a pretty nice movie..another chick flick that I like!
I want that exception too...but too bad... it's a movie...
We could only just get back to the rules.

A nice soundtrack...

Erin McCarley's Love Save the Empty

Sunday, August 23, 2009

#96 - Takin Back My Love

I love this video(keep watching *o*)..both are so sexy!
I wonder too... how much the video costs... lol~


Thursday, August 20, 2009

#95 - The FHM party

Last Friday after work, we went to the FHM 100 Most
Wanted Women in the World 2009 party at The Loft.

We just rushed there right after work and didn't manage to get ourselves dressed up for the party... Apparently everyone had already planned and brought their clothes to the office for changing! LOL~ Nevermind, we're already cool enough! haha!

With DrNoor, our Creative Director who will be leaving us very soon! :(
(We had a wonderful farewell dinner session with him yesterday night!)

There's the free flow Calsberg for us at the party... I've been learning to drink these days! haha..I was kind of who easily got drunk by only 1 can of beer last time!! But now, at least I still manage to have a little bit whisky or martini... or even Tequila shots! But it tastes suck...and I got all red just within some minutes!! "Thanks" to my bunch of "cool friends" who always force people to drink! -_-

Miss Weiling, Alvin and Me!

Miss Weiling, Me and Andreas...
Actually we didn't really know the white guy on the front left..
He just suddenly popped up in front of the camera and all we knew was,
he was from London and he lost the drinking bet to Andreas! LOL~

#94 - I've put some colors on

It's been some time I never color my hair! Almost a year...!
Instead of letting it black, I'd dyed it into some darker brown, a very low-profile and common color. I want white blonde hair actually, but I think I couldn't really make it due to too many reasons... I think my family will be mad on seeing me with the similar hair color with my grandma....and the most important is, I'm a lazy person and I don't think I will be taking care my hair perfectly and probably will end up going bald because of the damages caused on that bleached white hair! and again my family will be even more mad of seeing me with bald head walking around together with them! LOL~ I love them so much and I care for their feelings..hahaha~ No choice, that's the culture in this country...
So...I just got some little trim and color on it. It's just fine and it definitely won't hurt people's eyes :)

p/s: for my doggy...I was just trying to hide her up under my leg.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes...another pointless act..hahaha~ But I didn't really understand
why she wanted to add those little bubbles around the word.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good morning!

It's another Sunday again!
Wake up at this early in the morning...
to get ready for my grandma and having
breakfast together!

And before I go out, something that I read from the net,
a morning inspiration for today:

"Whatever course you decide upon, there is
always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are
always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe
that your critics are right. To map out a course of action
and follow it to an end requires courage."
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

That inspires and encourages me.
Happy Sunday ahead! :D


Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm thinking to have something out

Recently, I'm always having this in my mind...
I'm thinking that I should have come out with something...
something that worth...some achievements may be...or
something that I really interested and keen in doing it..
and definitely something that earns!
I wish to build something for myself about a tiny interest
of mine. LOL~ Just think that I should have some real objectives
that I would want to achieve instead of just being at this same point
like now forever. I wanna move on to some other points, at least try to.
Life is short, make it to the full. Whatever had in mind,
just do it before it gets cold.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Cobra Starship Ft. Leighton Meester- Good Girls Go Bad

Before I off to bed...let's get this up for sharing...
I love this MV and I love Leighton! Of course the song too!!

Anyway...I'm dizzy... Goodnight.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I've drawn on Font park

In the middle of work...
came to this interesting site which u could create some graphics
using fonts!! It's pretty cool and cute and well-scripted too!!
Thanks Hansing for sharing this to me!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


6:45am: woke up...
7:20am: out from home...

Before Work...
We decide to have breakfast together before work...

8:15AM: At McDonald's nearby our office!

I like coffeee...

Miss Weiling, eating her McMuffin

Sookrong liked to have grape jam on the McMuffin. Weiling
said that it was the first time she saw grape jam in packet.. -_-|||

It's still early in the morning...we ate, talked and snapped pictures...
Also, they found a liquid eyeliner in my bag and here it came the
make-up session... haha

Make-up artist: Miss Sookrong Model: Miss Weiling

Sookrong was brave enough to let me being her make-up artist!!
Anyway, I tried to be serious and make it nicely... hahaha~

This girl didn't like make-up at all but.....
surprisingly she wanted to try this time!?

with and without the eyeliner...

hahaha~ sorry sookrong! XD I just felt too funny looking so
near to your face when putting on the eyeliner for you!

9:15AM: Finished eating and playing and it's time heading to the office.

At work...

It's tired and bored at work sometimes...
so we found some ways to entertain ourselves!

We didn't go for lunch since we'd eaten so full in the morning!
just got ourselves some drinks from the machine...

looking for someone to play around... lol~ Andreas!!

We drank MILO!!

After work...

6:30pm: 3 of us went for dinner together again! We had Italian food and we
talked about ghost stories because of the ambiance of the restaurant.....LOL~

8:45pm: Weiling and I went for movies and Sookrong
also went for another movie with her mommy

Then we went to collect our movie tickets which I'd reserved
online yesterday... but they couldn't find my tickets! wth....
I'd made a wrong day reservation!!! The tickets that I'd reserved were
actually yesterday show! Anyway...we were lucky enough to wait for
the last minute released tickets and managed to get into the show at last!
Sorry....was my fault again ><

We watched the HK movie "Overheard".
It's a nice one!!! Daniel Wu is still so handsome!! :D

Before we got in to the theater, Weiling stood at the middle
of the hall in front of the entrance...cos she wanna to get more
attention by standing at the center place... I don't understand why... -_-

while I was standing as corner as I the side... lol~

11:30pm: Finished movie and went home

12:45am: Zzz


Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Momo's cut

Before she went for grooming today...

After grooming and she looks so smart now! LOL~



Time is just passing by so another Sunday again!
I was sick since last Sunday but until now I stil haven't fully
recovered from the cough and flu...and it is still ruining my voice.

Haha...anyway I still manage to spend time out chilling with friends.
Just I don't feel like talking much to people with my "sexy" voice caused
by the flu! LOL~ What I've been doing lately other than working..
there's few parties I'd attended during the weekends for the past
few weeks.. It's kinda tiring but still happening. yeah..i'm playful.
Shouldn't have said NO when come to having fun! :D

Yesterday got the invitation to the Heineken Green Room party at Zouk
but it was so crowded and I didn't really feel good at there because
people around me were so tall and totally blocked everything and I
could see nothing. Anyway, got free Heineken and I first felt that
it's something nice to drink when I was so hot and sweated in there!!
This was the first time I like about alcoholic drinks! Then we changed
to another place which was not so crowded but still happening and different
kind of music genres to fill the night. I forgot the name..somewhere
around the city and it was a pretty cool place. Those bars and pubs are
just built in that 2 rows of shops and houses by the roadside and there's
the foreigners' hotspots. I saw a guy who was in my FB list...He looked
cool but I personally felt he was acting good feeling. I might
be wrong.. I don't know. Guy who never thinks himself is hot but actually he
is, the more appealing. Don't you think so..?! LOL~ (totally my own
opinion, no offense)

And what a bout today now...
gonna bring my doggy for grooming... it is not cheap, again! :(



Saturday, August 1, 2009

I've got myself all these...virtually

I love mix&match and these styles are obviously what I'd like!
Just playing around in Polyvore when I've no money to go shopping.. T_T
and may be I also don't have that nice body shape to carry those
clothes nicely. :( Anyway...seems that my tastes are not bad!!
Most of these items are costing thousand above (in MYR) including
designer brands like Tsumori Chisato.. Stella McCartney..YSL..MARC JACOBS..COACH..CDG...Rayban..etc..which I didn't realize at all when
choosing the items to match them together! I wish I could really get
them all in my wardrobe!!!
Wanna try getting your looks? Visit Polyvore :)