Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Urbanscapes Art Festival 2009 II


Urbanscapes Art Festival 2009 I

"Urbanscapes is organised by KLue and is the first and only
all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Urbanscapes
aims to bring together communities and participants from the
fields of music, arts, fashion/lifestyle and film under a single
banner to showcase the best of the local scene."
-via Urbanscapes

Last Saturday, it was a super super super super super HOTTTttt
sunny day!!! (didn't know why we reached at sharp 12 noon
while the sun was right above our head!!)

But the day was so happening and fun!! It was hot until i nearly
fainted... but I still enjoyed it very much!! :D


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson, King of Pop

Although Im not really his fans..but..
when i was a kid, I was very close with my
uncles and they used to listen to his songs a lot...
even today, listening to his songs, would always
make me think back of my childhood times...

MJ, R.I.P.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Under one roof

We are not only friends, we were classmates and now we are colleagues, too!

It was the first day for me at work. (Now has been a week time)
When we're together again, it's when the camera worked!

During the first day in the office, I just walked around here and there..
meeting new people..and waiting for the machine to be set-up.

It's the powerful MAC machine I'm currently using..which I feel extremely
annoyed! I'm not used to MAC and I still prefer PC platform. I'm dealing
with it now with the super duper slow working speed since I totally have
no idea which to click and what shortcut keys there is and also I'm confused
by it's system flows... >< I'm operating it with the fully manual ways!!
GOsh..! I have been slow and now even slower.. -_-|||


I've bought this new shoes

I really love that flowery patterns. :D


Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Again

Just watched this movie which I wanted to
watch it so long...since 2 months ago!! :D

Yeah...because Zac Efron!! He is another hot
handsome awesome cute guy out there!! LOL~
and of course...the highschool storyline.. it
just so appealed to me! Just like how I got
addicted to Gossip Girl!

I'm always being labeled as childishness for
fancying those highschool... fantasies...
chick flicks...idols kind of stuffs.. I don't
mind actually! I just love them and that's just
everyone's fantasies and interests are different. :)


Friday, June 12, 2009




My previous working place III

The creative gang at the Kancil Award Festival 2008

Miss Hansing & Miss Miimo :D

Me & Aster (the Monorail Queen)

This is Miss Peilyn who I always broke her things... ><
I still owe you... I remember!!

They are all very good people!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

My previous working place II

My ODM TOFU watch.

The coffee cup... always needed especially after lunch hour!

All the "magic numbers" ...

We used to choose the books we liked and company would pay it! How nice...

Headphone...can't work without it!!

Haha...what people did when got bored at works.. trying to attack others!
Every chair got its owner's name sticker behind! LOL~

However...when time to be serious...we were really serious at work.

- pictures taken by using my Lumix... that's why look more vibrant! :D


My previous working place I

Saw the clouds reflected on the buildings.

I snapped this on the way to the lunch...

Yeah...the 16th floor I used to miss! :D
I felt annoyed when the elevator stopped floor by floor
especially when I was rushing and I was the one couldn't
wait to press the close! close and close!! LOL~

The walkway... the creative department is at the end

That's Miss Peilyn! Where's everybody?!

People disappeared from the department when there's the
Foosball competition! I was really suck at this!

I really love the dim lighting! I think the mood of working
is very important, it affects the way of thinking.

During the evening...

On the way home... and stuck in the jam

Through the window

Kinda miss this place and that moments. :)

- pictures taken by my mobile phone