Thursday, May 28, 2009

BlackBird, Fly TLR Camera

Found it from a friend...
Wish to have this toy lomo cam!!
But where can I get this within this couple of weeks?!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Since when it is Starbucks

Not sure when it started, this became our hotspot..
Most probably because we are all coffee drinker..(not yet a lover)and we are just
too lazy to think of a hangout place everytime.. and it's big green circle is catchy
enough to be recognized...

I'd tried not to have the coffee but the Frappuccino Green Tea instead, but, it's
too sweet for me. I still couldn't carry the too-sweety stuffs. Therefore, the
Frappuccino Espresso is still my all-time-favorites! And I always got myself a without
cream ones...just because cream is too fat for me!! Fat people is difficult. *Sigh :(


Sunday, May 24, 2009

New York New York Deli

Went to this restaurant last week, and got this few pictures of their deco.. :)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here we are again

As usual, we Starbucks again~ It's so comfortable to be
myself and talk whatever shit I can talk in front of them.
They are just like bugs inside my stomach! Sometimes,
I feel that they know me even better than me myself!! haha~
I really don't know how to thank them for always being there
for me no matter the ups and downs... hard times and easy
times... online and offline...LOL~

I just know that, whenever there is a decision needed, things
I'm stucked or some bitterness to be thrown off, here they are.
I hardly make good friends... I mean the friends that I really
can talk to or without talking much, they just understood, and
not ever worry about wasting their time! LOL~ And the most
important, I can be so real and relax in front of them. :)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

It was a fun night

It's the only light in the room...

She was showing off how to spin the drumstick.. LOL~

I was showing off how to play drum without beats! hahaha~

The low-profile people...except Alvin (he is super high-profile)

We enjoyed snapping ourselves while they're jamming.. :D

It's my red converse again


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lastime, I didn't appreciate friends that much

Lastime, I didn't appreciate friends that much.
Now days, I DO.

They are the MAN & WOMAN when I'm in troubles!!
So better keep some good friends around! hahaha~


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We should do this more

We see each other everyday, eat together everyday, gossip everyday and
of course work hard together everyday!! :D
But soon, We will be going to our own different path and chances of hanging
out like this may be lesser and lesser... I'm so happy to meet them and become
closer like what we are now! It was just a year time but seemed like lots of things
happened around and they are the most updated of each other issues.. haha~
I'm not sure how my daily life would be without seeing them acting silly!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

I think this is a great video you people should really check it out

A simple short film about communication.
Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia

It's funny in the beginning to see the guy behaves so "otaku" and shy...
What OTAKU means..?! Google it :)

But while looking back onto myself...or may be people around me..
most are living the same kind of this daily routine lifestyle, aren't we?!
Wake up - Work - Back - Sleep......

So our responsibilities are, how to make this routine lifestyle interesting
by adding something called FUN!! :D Let's live life up before the end of
the day! By paying a little more attention into things or people around us,
look and think, u'll find that life is actually much more interesting than
what we have had thought about. Especially people are the most interesting
and powerful creatures ever in the world!! Communication among people,
just like what we did during the chemistry classes, let's experiment it.
Meeting new people, communicating among each others and how these
interactions will lead these people to? Strangers? Friends? Lovers or anything
else...?! We wouldn't know what will be resulted in the end. Isn't that excited?
no matter how the result would be..

I don't really expect too much from the result...anything...but I just try enjoying
the changes and seeing how things will go into their ways. Just live it free!
May be I'm not a well-planned person, I don't like planning all from the
beginning sometimes... There's not much fun when things are just being
turned out exactly like what we have had expected. Instead, I prefer things
happen like what I've had wished for!! No wonder, my life seems like a mess...
but I wish it will be a beautiful mess!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

巾幗梟雄 (Rosy Business)

I'm following this latest TVB drama at 9:30pm now days!! Nice!!!
As usual, never thought it'd be nice...
but just couldn't stop myself once I start watching it! haha~
A must-watch drama!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrate the coming last day

Another typical group picture... I was not in cos I was holding the camera.. :(
From the left, miss rayman hansing, funny peilyn, new daddy Dave, monorail queen miss
aster, rockstar alvin, flash god Ashok, karaoke prince ahLiang and souless cheesian! :D

Everyone is taller than... I'm sad :(

These 2 people were a little disgusting when they're singing the duet!!

How could we not shoot ourselves?! XD

I like this shot! haha~ She's like running away from something...
killer or ghost?! I think is Alvin! hahaha~

I was with the converse...

This is Miss Hansing! She had this super cute smiley..
exactly looked like the Rayman character in her phone!! LOL~
*For those who do not know what Rayman is "Rayman" for images! haha~

I was not so happy with the room number! -_-

Hey my guys & gals, icons design references! How?! haha~

A farewell party for people who had already resigned and also who were resigning.
We thrown a party out at Greenbox Karaoke, we sang we ate we played! We enjoyed it
much and we continued the 2nd round at OldTown coffee until the midnight...
Everyone seemed like dead and had the all-day-sleepy mode in the office the other morning!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Labour Day

It's a holiday, a day off for the working citizens..
Yeah...I'd fully utilized this day by resting and doing
nothing the whole day since it's Labour day!! Shouldn't
be doing things other than resting..right..?! LOL

Woke up at 11am..kinda early actually!
Had my breakfast with family.
Took nap at 3pm again til evening.
Watched 2 movies and 4 episodes of drama at home.
Ate some yummy egg tarts for dinner.
Read some past issues magazines...
what else...
oh ya..wrote something to post here..
I was not feeling so expressive today. :)

going to bed again.