Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Waiting Day

Sitting and waiting and camwhoring..haha~

What happened today and I seemed like all day in the waiting mode -_-
Had an appointment with a doctor and I headed to the hospital for consultation..
and when i reached, the doctor was called for an operation and there was not only me but a bunch of patient waiting for him...><
So, other than just wait I had nothing to do.

It was 2 hours spent for just sitting in the clinic and the only thing i used to entertain myself was my mobile phone! haha~ Thanks Ross for being my companion thru the phone as we kept texting each other about some funny weird stuff! hehe~ otherwise..I'd probably died of boredom or joined the uncle aunties' gossips there! From the uncle aunties' conversations, i knew that the doctor had a long vacation overseas with his wife and kids..the doctor wore the same tie all the years?! The doctor was a christian...bla bla bla.. (I didn't mean to listen but their voices were just nice for that small area) hahaha~ It was interesting enough to just listen!

After the consultation..I waited, again, for my sis to come picking me up from the hospital! And then...another 1 and a half hour spent due to the jam!! I just sat at the lobby and flipped through some newspapers..and i got updated of some local and world affairs.. which I seldom to.

Finally, got home..
and I spent the whole night waiting again! for the stupid internet connection to be fixed! I couldn't get online until the midnight and getting this to be posted!
I'm kind of people that probably can't live without the computer and internet!!
Finish murmuring... and it's time to sleep, Goodnight.

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