Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#100 - Postcard

I received this postcard from a very unique friend who is now on his way chasing his big dreams... Yeah..he is still in London now before he decides to move again...haha!
It was a great feeling that I hardly describe whenever I got something from far across the globe. It just simply makes me feeling touched and happy by holding that in my hand but before this was by the sender's! It's kind of feeling "connected" and so close to each other even though we are in 2 different places.

This is what I can't have it's feeling through technologies, like what we use to do it everyday here by using msn, emails..etc. Yes..they're so convenient, so quick and direct get in touch with people but still, it feels cold. I think the most old-school way gives me the most impact of human connection. It is so different than typing on the keyboard and only feeling the screen! Therefore, don't stop writing and deliver to the postbox, and love the postman. Thanks, Averyn! :)


sadhu said...



Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

haha, nice post. I'm very agree with what you've said about the technology of communication, it's convenient and fast, but it somehow make our distance longer, maybe you are now msn with your colleague who was sitting just behind, haha.

Anyway, the situation is just like taking photo with dslr or film camera. Haha

The first rayban shade, got a version is white frame one, it's nice~!

Miimo.L said...

Sadhu: 謝謝你的誇獎! 我材疏學淺..就只有這程度而已.看得明白就很好了! 哈哈

Darren: i saw that white frame in the store too! Seems like Kl here doesn't have those colors version.