Friday, August 28, 2009

#99 - It's Noor Theme

The black & white and the frame...

It's the farewell party hold for our superb CD, Mr.Noor!! He was known for his "official representative appearance", white shirt and black frame glasses..haha~ So the night, everyone dressed for the theme!

we were like....back to the school kids... lol~

We went to the club after party...and the people there wanted to check and see our IC and license!! And wtf was...she insisted wanna to see my ic while the other people just need to show their driving license would do.. :( Hey...Im old enough.. ! Anyway, it's not my fault for having such a face that's always being treated as kid... I should thank it instead.....for saving me money on anti-aging products! LOL~

Last but not least, Good luck and All da best!! Noor! We'll surely miss you~ :D

1 comment:

Hoyi said...

omg...i love this theme~!
Nice costume~