Saturday, September 12, 2009

#103 - The Blublocker

The Blublocker - The '80s infomercial favorite enters the 21st century.
Recently I was craving for glasses..that I think is another essential style statement. I feel it shouldn't be questioned that, "Why are you wearing glasses though u don't have any sight problems?" or "Why are u wearing sunglasses in the indoor?". These are outdated questions! Don't you know that glasses has become part of fashion accessories?! A style item. Just like why or how you gel up your hair. It's just as normal as that. There's nothing called "too-much" in fashion. It's everyone's choice and fascination.


ccsoul said...

Agree.It looks cool.=)

alvint said...

very nice.... jom beli

DelvC said...

"There's nothing called "too-much" in fashion. It's everyone's choice and fascination." ---> Well said ! totally agree !

Average Joe's said...

Totally agree with you! IS NEVER TO MUCH! Is alway good to accessorize! n Sunnies are an essential for us Joe's..

BTW love ur blog!