Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#101 - Loft Living

A designer's loft which I grabbed from Flickr.. I love his space!

This really nice loft looks familiar?! Yeah..it is the Humphrey's house! I love this so much!!

I like this kind of urban living lifestyle, downtown loft living. I just feel it is so nice and artsy, yet it personalizes the owner's characteristic. It is All-in-One, work-cum-living, included my workstation, my bed, my living room, my kitchen..etc.. in just one open space! Yeah...Im a lazy person and this kind of room suits me well. I'd be happy enough wake up in the morning just beside my computer so I can say Hello to the world!


alvint said...

i wish u all the best in achieving your dreams ya ;)

Miimo.L said...

alvin: with your fabulous script created this noon... we'll be in the hollywood very soon!!lol~