Thursday, August 20, 2009

#95 - The FHM party

Last Friday after work, we went to the FHM 100 Most
Wanted Women in the World 2009 party at The Loft.

We just rushed there right after work and didn't manage to get ourselves dressed up for the party... Apparently everyone had already planned and brought their clothes to the office for changing! LOL~ Nevermind, we're already cool enough! haha!

With DrNoor, our Creative Director who will be leaving us very soon! :(
(We had a wonderful farewell dinner session with him yesterday night!)

There's the free flow Calsberg for us at the party... I've been learning to drink these days! haha..I was kind of who easily got drunk by only 1 can of beer last time!! But now, at least I still manage to have a little bit whisky or martini... or even Tequila shots! But it tastes suck...and I got all red just within some minutes!! "Thanks" to my bunch of "cool friends" who always force people to drink! -_-

Miss Weiling, Alvin and Me!

Miss Weiling, Me and Andreas...
Actually we didn't really know the white guy on the front left..
He just suddenly popped up in front of the camera and all we knew was,
he was from London and he lost the drinking bet to Andreas! LOL~


smashpOp said...

wheres my face?

Aster Ng said...

i want a nice one

sadhu said...

最後一張那個最前面的..... 要嚇人的?