Wednesday, August 5, 2009


6:45am: woke up...
7:20am: out from home...

Before Work...
We decide to have breakfast together before work...

8:15AM: At McDonald's nearby our office!

I like coffeee...

Miss Weiling, eating her McMuffin

Sookrong liked to have grape jam on the McMuffin. Weiling
said that it was the first time she saw grape jam in packet.. -_-|||

It's still early in the morning...we ate, talked and snapped pictures...
Also, they found a liquid eyeliner in my bag and here it came the
make-up session... haha

Make-up artist: Miss Sookrong Model: Miss Weiling

Sookrong was brave enough to let me being her make-up artist!!
Anyway, I tried to be serious and make it nicely... hahaha~

This girl didn't like make-up at all but.....
surprisingly she wanted to try this time!?

with and without the eyeliner...

hahaha~ sorry sookrong! XD I just felt too funny looking so
near to your face when putting on the eyeliner for you!

9:15AM: Finished eating and playing and it's time heading to the office.

At work...

It's tired and bored at work sometimes...
so we found some ways to entertain ourselves!

We didn't go for lunch since we'd eaten so full in the morning!
just got ourselves some drinks from the machine...

looking for someone to play around... lol~ Andreas!!

We drank MILO!!

After work...

6:30pm: 3 of us went for dinner together again! We had Italian food and we
talked about ghost stories because of the ambiance of the restaurant.....LOL~

8:45pm: Weiling and I went for movies and Sookrong
also went for another movie with her mommy

Then we went to collect our movie tickets which I'd reserved
online yesterday... but they couldn't find my tickets! wth....
I'd made a wrong day reservation!!! The tickets that I'd reserved were
actually yesterday show! Anyway...we were lucky enough to wait for
the last minute released tickets and managed to get into the show at last!
Sorry....was my fault again ><

We watched the HK movie "Overheard".
It's a nice one!!! Daniel Wu is still so handsome!! :D

Before we got in to the theater, Weiling stood at the middle
of the hall in front of the entrance...cos she wanna to get more
attention by standing at the center place... I don't understand why... -_-

while I was standing as corner as I the side... lol~

11:30pm: Finished movie and went home

12:45am: Zzz


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