Sunday, August 2, 2009


Time is just passing by so another Sunday again!
I was sick since last Sunday but until now I stil haven't fully
recovered from the cough and flu...and it is still ruining my voice.

Haha...anyway I still manage to spend time out chilling with friends.
Just I don't feel like talking much to people with my "sexy" voice caused
by the flu! LOL~ What I've been doing lately other than working..
there's few parties I'd attended during the weekends for the past
few weeks.. It's kinda tiring but still happening. yeah..i'm playful.
Shouldn't have said NO when come to having fun! :D

Yesterday got the invitation to the Heineken Green Room party at Zouk
but it was so crowded and I didn't really feel good at there because
people around me were so tall and totally blocked everything and I
could see nothing. Anyway, got free Heineken and I first felt that
it's something nice to drink when I was so hot and sweated in there!!
This was the first time I like about alcoholic drinks! Then we changed
to another place which was not so crowded but still happening and different
kind of music genres to fill the night. I forgot the name..somewhere
around the city and it was a pretty cool place. Those bars and pubs are
just built in that 2 rows of shops and houses by the roadside and there's
the foreigners' hotspots. I saw a guy who was in my FB list...He looked
cool but I personally felt he was acting good feeling. I might
be wrong.. I don't know. Guy who never thinks himself is hot but actually he
is, the more appealing. Don't you think so..?! LOL~ (totally my own
opinion, no offense)

And what a bout today now...
gonna bring my doggy for grooming... it is not cheap, again! :(



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