Thursday, August 20, 2009

#94 - I've put some colors on

It's been some time I never color my hair! Almost a year...!
Instead of letting it black, I'd dyed it into some darker brown, a very low-profile and common color. I want white blonde hair actually, but I think I couldn't really make it due to too many reasons... I think my family will be mad on seeing me with the similar hair color with my grandma....and the most important is, I'm a lazy person and I don't think I will be taking care my hair perfectly and probably will end up going bald because of the damages caused on that bleached white hair! and again my family will be even more mad of seeing me with bald head walking around together with them! LOL~ I love them so much and I care for their feelings..hahaha~ No choice, that's the culture in this country...
So...I just got some little trim and color on it. It's just fine and it definitely won't hurt people's eyes :)

p/s: for my doggy...I was just trying to hide her up under my leg.

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