Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is going on?!

It was a sunny afternoon...I took my car from a open parking lot..(it was at the backstreet, 1 of the cheaper parking lot in KL city which cost only half price of my previous parking place..)

On the way back.. I saw some very unique and strange shadow reflected on the dashboard!
I was wondering what was that shadow..was it from a very special kind of tree outside the window.. (damn...i was retarded..!!)
And once I looked up to the car windscreen just to find out what was that shadow..

" *#^%*&#*@%!! What the hell is this???!!! "

This was what I found!!! Damn it!!! What the hell was going on!??

Now, I've to spend MORE THAN what I've been saving from the parking fees!!
I really feel like cursing the person who did this to my car! But it can't help anything though.


i am jimmytan said...

actually y u so dare to park backstreet somemore u 1 lady ah goooodnessss >.<
huiyuuu nextime park more safety place ba...expansive nvm and Safety more important..
(money not all in ur life)
but it must be a award winner photograph..

Jitzu said...

OMG, my condolence~ :(

sadhu said...