Monday, April 27, 2009

My stupid hand

IdN v14n5: Art Directors Issue

I know I shouldn't have said it about my hand a stupid hand!! I do appreciate them very much actually!! Just what had happened recently made me realized that my hands were in serious emo and they didn't turn things up in a right way!! I'd no ideas why was it like that and I couldn't help it though... >_<


During one hot sunny day, I borrowed an umbrealla from my lovely colleague, Miss Peilyn. I couldn't manage to open it but I tried my best to open it!
haha~ Peilyn reminded me,
" Open it gently plz..Don't spoil it!"
" Of course!! U worry for nothing!" I said.
Ended up...

Me: " hey!! what is this umbrealla?! I can't even open it! "
Peilyn: " Let me see. (she became speechless and looked at me...seriously..) You spoilt it!! you see...!! "
Me: " huh...why me??! I have not even open it yet... Im just trying to open and here it is... " Peilyn:" touched it! Before that it was still allright.."
Me: " huh....... okay...may be my fault..I killed your umbrella...>_<


I was crazy into the Twilight saga!! And here dialogues with Miss Peilyn again..
Me: " Can I borrow your Twilight novel ?! Plz~ "
Peilyn: " Of course...but..hmmm....Im worrying about..."
Me: " No worries okay!! I'm sure your book will feel lucky enough to be read by me!"
Peilyn:" ok ok... just make sure u keep it nicely."
Ended up...

My dog licked it!!!! The side of the book was bitten a little little bit.. >_<
I think I better get a new one for her...since Peilyn is well known as great-keeper for her stuffs...especially books!!


I saw a few IDN magazines on the table at the office..
Me: "whose books??"
Peilyn:" Mine~!"
Me:" oh..miss peilyn~ Can I borrow and read? "
Peilyn:" of course..but..YOU BETTER REALLY KEEP IT NICELY and DON'T ever let your dog or cat or fish or whatever to treat it as food..okay?!"
Me:" Okay okay!! I will take extra care for your magazines this time!! It won't happen again! Trust me!!" ( I said it very confidently...)
Ended up...

While i was reading the magazine at a coffee shop...
I put and opened the whole magazine right on the table,
I was flipping page by page...and this was what I discovered..
The binding of the book was something wrong..the papers seemed coming off from the side!!! (while I still thought that might be a special binding..or it's originally like that?!)
Shit...I spoilt peilyn's mag again!!! o_O (what the heck was that!!?)

The other day, I saw Peilyn..
Me: " Hey..peilyn~ can you do me a favor?"
Peilyn: " what?? "
Me: " Can u sell me your IDN mag that I've borrowed?? I really love that issue!! I found that issue...had featured my fav artists....(bla bla bla..)
Peilyn: ".........NO! (she stopped for few secs and asked) You spoilt it again???
Me: "................. >_<

IdN v14n5: Art Directors Issue!!! I NEED YOU!!
Where can I find low price.. T_T (I'm poor enough to order it back directly from it's official costs double the price to buy it locally here!) Anyone wanna sell it out or donate as well?! PLEASE~ I would deeply appreciate it...

So now I owed Miss Peilyn, an umbrella, a novel, and the IDN v14m15 issue!!!
Why...why my hand behaved that way..and WHY only peilyn's..
my hands seem that they dislike peilyn's stuffs...

Sorry!! Miss Peilyn.. I will never borrow things from you anymore!!
My hand X Miss Peilyn (crossover) is kinda costly stuff!!
Now I've to dig out some bucks from my pockets to pay for the "crossovers" :(


i am jimmytan said...

hahaha really donno wut to say also ^^ but i'm so sure mr. good man KAM he got IDN v14m15 issue!!! i so remember bcoz he said that's ART DIRECTOR issue so he must have it ^^, so u should call he out for good dinner and ask him to give u lo ^^, maybe is a good plan rite haha...
god bless ya ^^,

sadhu said...

you are so cute... hahahahha..................... and you always KO bryan's iphone's batt.................

Miimo.L said...

Jimmy: really??? mr goodman kam..hahahaha~ U ask for me laa >_<

Sadhu: is bryan's fault la..he doesn't charge his phone..always!!

Jimmy said...

Haha no no u should ask it urself leh bcos the date, time, and how much u wan to buy u talk to him la haha.. u confirm wit him ba... I din see him around recently haha.. He base on ss2 now ma SMS him la u.. He miss u so much ba LoL

Miimo.L said...

jimmy: u stupid la!! wat miss me so much!? he missed u more i think. hahahaa~ aih....i dont dare to ask got thing only look for not this kind of ppl la!! 8)

Anonymous said...

hahhahahhahhahahahahhhahhha!! only hahahha i can say... yor~~~ y your hand like that one! hahaha...