Friday, April 3, 2009

My way of reading magazine

I'm the regular customer of bookstores, just to check out what's new on the rack!
To keep myself updated in any sense and try to input some new inspirations into my brain too!

I love reading magazines! I can say that there's not-a-small sum of my monthly income has been invested in magazines! What kind of magazines...mostly are fashion and beauty mags, lifetstyle, entertainment mags, & design..gadgets... etc (recently I do read the home deco and property mags! Starting to imagine how my future home would be! hahaha)

I've a particular habit while reading magazine...
I would always start reading it from the back pages or the last page...!
I do not know why am I having this kind of reading habit (may be most of the ppl do..i guess!)
I would just flip from the last page as the starting! And whenever I found out an interesting topic, I'd only turn back to the particular title page and start reading it all over again!

People might just use up to may be an hour to finish a magazine but for me, it might take me a week time! That's why I think that my magazines really worth every of my pennies! Because I would not just browse through the pictures or graphics... I read words! I like to read what people had written and what's in the author's mind. From those words, I learned the way people think and express themselves, and of course some new ideas and inspirations like how u look at things. Sometimes it inspires me and really makes me think a lot and even knocks me out of a blocked mind! I even hope that I can be an author 1 day soon in a just simply express and speak out, in my own way! Yeah... that's the fun Im here, blogging!! In my own way!

Some friends ever recommend me about reading mags online... (what internet has been serving now days...U can just download countless issues of any of your favorite magazines and then start reading it by clicking page to page)

but I still prefer the real touchable ones...
just like books, I prefer to touch it, smell it and flip it myself.

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Rosslyn said...

plz borrow me yr magazine after u have read.. keke