Monday, April 27, 2009

Here I'm again

I know I have been ignoring this blog for sometimes.. haha~
yeah..finally Im here again to "continue" running the blog.
I've just been busy and tired and lazinesss indeed!! Anyhow, I think I shouldn't let myself to continue ignoring it! Actually I got lots of things and things and things happened around and of course I wanted to put them up here as soon as possible... just sometimes...the "DRAGGING" attitude inside me delays my steps..again! haha!!

Being enough a laid-back person...(or should have said that I'm always a laid-back person..LOL)
so now I gonna sum up the things that happened during all these days and get them posted soon!! but.. in no particular orders because as usual, I've limited brain memorizing power.



sadhu said...

nice pic....

Jitzu said...

Agreed, apart from that dunno what is she talking about... maybe she thought that'll ignite the mood to blog again~