Thursday, April 16, 2009


Seems like quite some time that not being updated here..
because I was feeling so tired and exhausted these days! Working overtime, have none social life at all.. Weary of thinking, responsibilities, inconveniences.. suffering from bad headache and dam the stomach bloating and abdominal sick!! All I wanted now is just being there resting myself and doing nothing...included talking to people and even typing on the keyboard! Haha~ I was just surfing the net, watching the screen and only clicking using my finger...these do not require much energy.
Seems like I started being a freak again...sorry to those who talked to me but being ignored.. I just dont feel like interacting.. kind of anti-social again(my closer friends know me well and they wouldn't blame on me..haha)
Anyway, it's just another periodic emo... I'll back to normal very soon.

1 comment:

i am jimmytan said...

pity daooo~ tomoro buy u dinner eat enough back ya~ this wut only a fren can do for u ^^,
oki la + 1 big milk tea oki haha
take good urself~!