Saturday, May 2, 2009

Labour Day

It's a holiday, a day off for the working citizens..
Yeah...I'd fully utilized this day by resting and doing
nothing the whole day since it's Labour day!! Shouldn't
be doing things other than resting..right..?! LOL

Woke up at 11am..kinda early actually!
Had my breakfast with family.
Took nap at 3pm again til evening.
Watched 2 movies and 4 episodes of drama at home.
Ate some yummy egg tarts for dinner.
Read some past issues magazines...
what else...
oh ya..wrote something to post here..
I was not feeling so expressive today. :)

going to bed again.

1 comment:

Jitzu said...

Unhealthy lor~ Go bring momo jalan-jalan la...