Sunday, May 10, 2009

I think this is a great video you people should really check it out

A simple short film about communication.
Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia

It's funny in the beginning to see the guy behaves so "otaku" and shy...
What OTAKU means..?! Google it :)

But while looking back onto myself...or may be people around me..
most are living the same kind of this daily routine lifestyle, aren't we?!
Wake up - Work - Back - Sleep......

So our responsibilities are, how to make this routine lifestyle interesting
by adding something called FUN!! :D Let's live life up before the end of
the day! By paying a little more attention into things or people around us,
look and think, u'll find that life is actually much more interesting than
what we have had thought about. Especially people are the most interesting
and powerful creatures ever in the world!! Communication among people,
just like what we did during the chemistry classes, let's experiment it.
Meeting new people, communicating among each others and how these
interactions will lead these people to? Strangers? Friends? Lovers or anything
else...?! We wouldn't know what will be resulted in the end. Isn't that excited?
no matter how the result would be..

I don't really expect too much from the result...anything...but I just try enjoying
the changes and seeing how things will go into their ways. Just live it free!
May be I'm not a well-planned person, I don't like planning all from the
beginning sometimes... There's not much fun when things are just being
turned out exactly like what we have had expected. Instead, I prefer things
happen like what I've had wished for!! No wonder, my life seems like a mess...
but I wish it will be a beautiful mess!!


Aster said...

funny guy..

Jitzu said...

I love this short film alot. Thanks Miimo. I got a lesson to teach tonite, still have no idea and you've prepared me some visual aid. Haha, thanks thanks~ Muah...