Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrate the coming last day

Another typical group picture... I was not in cos I was holding the camera.. :(
From the left, miss rayman hansing, funny peilyn, new daddy Dave, monorail queen miss
aster, rockstar alvin, flash god Ashok, karaoke prince ahLiang and souless cheesian! :D

Everyone is taller than... I'm sad :(

These 2 people were a little disgusting when they're singing the duet!!

How could we not shoot ourselves?! XD

I like this shot! haha~ She's like running away from something...
killer or ghost?! I think is Alvin! hahaha~

I was with the converse...

This is Miss Hansing! She had this super cute smiley..
exactly looked like the Rayman character in her phone!! LOL~
*For those who do not know what Rayman is "Rayman" for images! haha~

I was not so happy with the room number! -_-

Hey my guys & gals, icons design references! How?! haha~

A farewell party for people who had already resigned and also who were resigning.
We thrown a party out at Greenbox Karaoke, we sang we ate we played! We enjoyed it
much and we continued the 2nd round at OldTown coffee until the midnight...
Everyone seemed like dead and had the all-day-sleepy mode in the office the other morning!


Jitzu said...

Although u r the shortest, but u always got praises out there~ =.=||
I still remember the SS2 aunty...where got such ppl de...look at ppl like one kind gam yeong, then say ppl vr pretty~

Aster said...

miimo~~ i miss you so much... 4 days didnt see u dy, so not use to it :{

i am jimmytan said...

lol Miimo is hiding lol...
miimo show face la~ when u going to Pou taoh!?? haha everyone looking for u ^^

Miimo.L said...

Jitzu: haha~ thanks for your compliment.. XD but I just felt im getting uglier and uglier.. >_< that's why i seldom took pictures lately..unlike lastime.

Aster: I super miss u too.. day without u is not even a day.. hahahah~!

Jimmy: u can't see my face?? there is pictures here..can't u see my face there?! LOL~

Monkey!! said...

why u guys wanna see her so much~~ I saw her everyday~~Sien dou sei la~~!

i am jimmytan said...

Money: wahahaha! wan see Miimo more ah bcoz she so fai 1 haha... + cute also lol

Miimo: haha see dou jo la!!! za daooo lo..
wan ask u come out and intro lengzai for u ma.. huiyu keke