Sunday, June 21, 2009

Under one roof

We are not only friends, we were classmates and now we are colleagues, too!

It was the first day for me at work. (Now has been a week time)
When we're together again, it's when the camera worked!

During the first day in the office, I just walked around here and there..
meeting new people..and waiting for the machine to be set-up.

It's the powerful MAC machine I'm currently using..which I feel extremely
annoyed! I'm not used to MAC and I still prefer PC platform. I'm dealing
with it now with the super duper slow working speed since I totally have
no idea which to click and what shortcut keys there is and also I'm confused
by it's system flows... >< I'm operating it with the fully manual ways!!
GOsh..! I have been slow and now even slower.. -_-|||



Jitzu said...

Mei guan xi~ Human has super adaptability! XD

Not much different, just the command/ctrl button n other little changes... That's what I know, hehe XD

Monkey!! said...

miimo is a slow person~~

chew said...

ah, class mate !