Wednesday, June 3, 2009

During this May

I've resigned from my job.
Frankly, I kinda miss my job in XM...miss the people..
miss the environment... I really love the working
environment.. the 16th floor, the dim lighting, the
cold air-conditioned, and the wooden floor.

Especially, the people working together...
they're not only the colleagues, they were friends who
could talk, learn and sometimes share. It's not easy
to get working together with a bunch of so-close friends,
whether in our thinking module, mindset or the ways of
doing things...there's no big gap in between. We taught
and learned among each others! I was really happy that
I met them! If there's really a chance, I really wish we
could be in a team again! But things just wouldn't turn
out the way we want. Everyone started to look for a better
form in growing our own career's path.
GoodLuck guys and gals!!! :)

Before I get myself into a new job, I'm enjoying my
holiday now! Sleep like nobody business, stay with my
desktop till 5am in the morning, lay on the sofa dreaming
till my dog barking on me, learn playing tennis and golf
but inside wii, do some exercises untill feeling hungry
and end up eating, sit in the toilet till finish
up the whole magazine... LOL~~~ sound like a loafer..!

I've just learned a phrase recently,
"The importance of being idle".
Yeah~ enjoy! Before i get into another new battle!



Monkey!! said...

Miimo~~Dun lazy la!!! Work la~~Like me everyday work till 8 lan hardworking...whuahahahaha!!

Miimo.L said...

wahhhhh!!! alvin changed already!!!
need to celebrate laa!!! lan hardworking! after 1 month and see! hahaha :D

Flashok said...

wuhuhu shoknye long holiday!~

Aster Ng said...

u siu lai lai la~ faster marry a rich guy~

sadhu said...

enjoy your holidays...

Miimo.L said...

Aster: where to find rich guy?? I everyday go out find now arr..! hahaha