Saturday, March 21, 2009

Midnight Beat

Travis Barker Session - "Low" by Flo-Rida
Uploaded by theyupplounge

Had a coffee drink with friends and couldn't get to sleep yet..
found this from Bryan... really Love the drumming!! Travis Barker is so cool!!


BNJJ said... as always huh!!
Always 4 drum sticks appear if u see it carefully...crazy man!

Miimo.L said...

yeah..of course i saw it! he used double drum sticks one!! he is like totally got himself into the drums and beats when playing! powerful!

Monkey!! said...

he's indeed a powerful and energetic drummer, probably the beat for this song is kinda simple so I dun see any funky and special skills used here. Guys should check on this drummer, Blink 182 drummer....he's good. but he's more to a funky drummer...bryan didn't learn meh?? Bet u can be a good drummer thou.

Miimo.L said...

bryan be a good drummer??? hahahaha...5 hou siu sei ngo la!!!
i can't imagine he moves in beats!

Monkey!! said...

don't ever estimate someone la...everyone got talent de la...always not to late to learn music de...