Monday, March 9, 2009

I love to watch music videos

It's holiday today...
As usual, surfing some webs and getting some inspirations and brainstorming of some huge ideasss..(it's so called day-dreaming..) XD

This music video was already few years back...a song from HK pop singer Alex Fong & Stephy Tang. I'd had watched it countless times before since i kinda like this combination..alex&stephy!
They always looked so sweet together!! And today...surfing youtube as usual...accidentally came to this MV I watched it again! And replayed watching and watching..LOL~

While I was watching the music videos...I always felt that I was into the mood and atmosphere!!
haha..just like I was being in love as what in the video!! Shit.... my day-dreaming symptom again!! Wake up..wake up.... >_< !
So happy to watch music videos... it just sweeps off my bad emo... :)

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