Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another new sneaker

Adidas Sleek Series - Nizza Low Sleek

Almost 2 months...after the CNY,
I never got myself any new clothes/accessories/shoes..etc etc..
cos i wanna SAVE MONEY!!!

But, accidentally walked into the Adidas concept store and this little blue sneaker flew into my eyes! Since I was working so hard recently, should have pampered myself with this little light bluery... :D

When I was being at the cashier and gonna pay for it...
I forgot where my purse is!! WTH..... people waited there and I didn't even have a cent with me! What the consequences... of course running back to my car and luckily my purse was still there waiting for me!! Finally, here the sneaker (*sweat) -_-|||

Why I just couldn't have things done steadily and nicely?!


Jitzu said...

I think I remember that the purse you left in your car cost around...erm...8...erm...0 or 00 right?

BNJJ said...

What's the difference between 8 and 8 million.....still a purse.... i guess!

Jitzu said...

That's what worth worrying. Imagine she has 8 million at that time XD

Miimo.L said...

don't worry..don't worry.. be happi :D

sadhu said...