Thursday, October 8, 2009

#115 - Reading

Spent almost an hour time here in a not-so-close friend's blog.. Reading most of her posts and I felt touched. It even made me feeling lump in my throat..I used to cry for books of some real life stories, and now I almost cry for her blog posts. Didn't know there's another part of her which was so great than what I'd had known..

Thru reading blogs, it helps us to understand more about the author, to see some hidden sides of a person as well. People just do not put everything on the face to tell what kind of person we are. That's why communication needed. For people we are not really close to and most probably we don't really get to communicate with these people oftenly, but we still can try to understand them by their expression in words. Sometimes, there's people I've never met before but we feel like an old friend. I kind of knowing them well and somewhat their characteristic and their ways of thinking impressed me too, by their words. When we write something about ourself, we can just express whatever in our mind, whatever our heart feels, need not to worry about who is listening or watching. It's something individual, it's something about oneself. We may tend to share our heart-felt thoughts but I don't really mind what others would response. Because this is just me and I'm not writing for publication, to fit everyone's favor and I don't even write a perfect article or grammars, as long as I know what I'm saying out from my own mind.

However, I seldom would like to post exactly what's in my mind here unless I really really feel expressive. lol~ I don't wish people to know me so well. haha..I know this is weird. I'm always being judged for what others think I'm instead of what I myself think I am. It's fine, I don't mind. Whatever it is, that's it. I still believe that people who really understand me, they will always do.

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