Thursday, July 2, 2009

A working afternoon

It was about 330pm in the office, the clock was
moving so slow and it still remained 3:xx pm..
What we did to make ourselves staying awake and
getting out of boredom caused by the works on the
screen... Here it comes! camwhoring session! LOL~

... had some little fun before we
got back to our seats and continued...working.

P/S: Pictures were grabbed from Rames's album!



BNJJ said...

Your current workplace's "look" seriously sux compare to the previous one huh....Totally different, urban & rural!! Hahaha...

*永亮* said...

why rames look so -- exaggerated


Aster Ng said...

*scream* zoe, sk, sr, rames, u all very FREE is it?!

Miimo.L said...

we're not free !! We just balanced up ourselves!

sadhu said...

office looks spacious