Monday, July 20, 2009

Skateboard incident

Last Saturday when we were having BBQ party at the poolside...
and here this 2-wheels skateboard thingy became the so popular game of the day!!

What happened was...when everyone were crazy playing and competing..
our Princess Rong(Known as Miss.Sookrong) fell down and.....her face
directly hit to the ground and broke her front teeth!!!!! Gosh...we
are too old for breaking our teeth off since we are no longer coming
out with any new teeth!! The only thing could help is, go for the
dentist and make a new plastic teeth! Her lip is now swollen with the
teeth broken...I don't think she'd allow me to post her pic here... LOL~
Pity rong... :( Anyway, thank god that was not breaking the nose or the
eyes! It will be alright...get well soon!! And the lesson not
over-play! haha~ Hey guys... I was happy being a loser that day!!
See what had happened now!(everyone laughed at me for playing liked a
noob coz I really scared of falling down!) hahaha~ (sorry sookrong,
plz allow me to L-O-L!! hahaha)

Once the incident happened...everybody liked stunned and stopped playing
anymore. :( We totally blew off the thought of getting ourselves a
skateboard!! It was so dangerous!!


Rosslyn said...

Whoa.. u look so sporty!! yeng dao!!

Flashok said...

wow, sounds pretty bad, poor thing.. be careful wey..

Miimo.L said...

rosslyn: sounds sacastic.. -_-|||

flashok: yeah...poor thing sookrong! haha.. is dangerous! remember your leg?! lol~