Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#161 - Living in the city

Book 1 - The Way We Live In The City, by Stafford Cliff

Book 2 - Brooklyn Modern, written by Diana Lind and photographed by Yoko Inoue

Today's not kind of a busy day so I've this little time doing some surfing thingy..(on the internet)
I found the 2 books in the Amazon which I really wanted to buy, right now! I can't wait going off from work now and head to the bookstore! I'm quite into the urban living lifestyle and photography books. And I'm totally a city-lover. I love living in the city and I adore the urban culture things...street photography and so on..
That's why these books definitely will be my cups of tea! yeah...I'm gonna get myself a cup of coffee, sitting down and slowly flip thru the books soon when I get them!

For the 2nd book, why Brooklyn? Because, I ♥ NEW YORK so much! Haha..

**Images, I got them from a girl's Blog and Project Projects which I've just added them into my Delicious! Do have a look!

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