Friday, July 2, 2010


I was so happy yesterday!! I received this very special parcel from a very special friend!! And I was too excited and couldn't wait to let him know that I've got this! I took a picture of it and posted it straight away to my twitter and facebook! Yes...i'm just loving to share my every moment virtually! hahhaha..

within few minutes, I got a message from my lovely freaky friend and she shouted:"hey.. check out your tweets! Smart ass! now everybody know your address!" I was like...what's wrong with it.. what I've had done?! So i went enjoying my newest tweets and I saw that posted picture...I didn't notice that my home address was SOOOO BIGGG and CLEAR revealed to the world!!!!!! OMG...... i was an idiot!!!! I should have at least "censored" the address part before posting it up! may be it is not really big deal letting people know my address...but it somehow doesn't feel right and safe to reveal so much/ of home..where I stay or anything so personal!! Yeah...i think home address is very personal!! Who knows what kind of friends/followers are there in my list! And what do these people like to do during their spare time...may be some have the habit or interest of stalking people or giving surprises in front of your door!

It shocked me awhile...!! I'm a no brainer....

Anyway, I am so happppy for the gift!!!!! It means a lot to me! :D

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William Chak said...

You make me smile Miimo :)