Thursday, January 7, 2010

#127 - It doesn't need to be changed

I've been away from here for quite some time.. what am I doing actually?!
Hmmm...too much of something, something and something.. LOL~

What I am going to write about for this post. As what the title has mentioned, It doesn't need to be changed. Had a talk with a friend recently, that reminded me again of keep being myself for who I am.

People always suggest, why don't you be a bit more girly or more feminine? why don't you act a little more cutie so that it would be liked by more people or why don't you be a little more sexy like what those girls...why can't you just dress like what's on the girls' out there...why have to be this odd?! Why can't talk a bit more softer or why..bla bla bla..(endless why)

Hmm..I don't understand. Why I need to act the way that I'm not just to gain favors from the people?! This is me and I believe that you would love me for who I am, instead of the one that you want me to be. I don't think I'm odd. I just know this is the way I'm. We should always live the way we are comfortable with. We live for ourself and not the others. People who really love us would surely appreciate the way we are. Yes, I'm not girly enough, I'm not feminine, not sexy, not that cutie, so? duhh.. what's all these?! Can't be anything more deeper or constructive? I will be looking more into the way of communication between people other than the way of how u look. The "clicking" ability is more worth to be questioned.

I don't want to be anyone else other than myself. :)


sadhu said...

just be yourself, simple

iamKinoko said...

so how they expect us to be the one they been dreaming all the while, some girls might change, but not us

Miimo.L said...

I hope that people I love would love us as who we are and proud of having me as who I am.

mafex said...

to be who u r, not to be someone who want u to be.

DelvC said...

well ..i dont think there is something wrong with you that u ned to change.

haha !! after all ..i love ur style.

i think i will say why cant other girls dress like you ler ? haha !!

Miimo.L said...

Im not just saying about style or something... is just some shits that they think what girls should have. But sadly, I disappoint them. LOL~
They have no wrong to create their statements, but just, I've my own statements too.

sophia said...

you are who you are :) be yourself