Monday, December 21, 2009

#125 - 40 years

That's the corner where all the classic coca-cola were kept last time..

During the weekend, we had spent some time for my grandma..
Brought her back to the very old housing saloon which she used to have her hair cut for the past 40 years! I've never been to this house since very long time ago..
I used to hang around here quite often when I was a little kid, around 5 or 6..which almost 18 years ago!
I was brought up at my grandma's house until twelve. That's the place which I had been really familiar with. Even the old lady at the saloon recognized me! Because I was the big fans of the Coca-cola which was still in it's classic glass bottle at that era. Kids during that time always fascinated about drinking!
It's really good spending time with grandma...she loves me a lot and of course I love her even more. I wish she could stay happily and always get the best from all of us because she did give us all the best.


encik ryunosuke said...

memories will always be kept forever. nice posts. reminds me of my grandparents :_(

DelvC said...

really love this post. somehow i can feel its so touching and can feel the warm feeling .!!

aster said...

nice pic.. reminds me something..

sadhu said...

wait.. so is this salon or house of your grandmum?

Miimo.L said...

this is the saloon in a house..where I used to follow my grandma here when I was small..