Wednesday, November 4, 2009

#119 - Laid-backness

It's rainy day... when I was on the way picking up the car, it was cold. But I like it. I like rainy day..i like the rain smell. I like the cold. The time seems slower,and people getting lazier..
Take a deep breath...Do not know why.. the adrenaline rush into my brain and heart.. I just feel so panic and the anxiety the whole day! What's wrong with me?! Just wanna shout it out loud..F**K!!! Proven, women are emotional. LOL~

Dealt with some stupid shits and people for the past few weeks... and these shits totally ruined my emotions..However, nothing is constant especially feelings. Finally, I'm fine, and I think everything would be fine too. Hold on to the phrase, take it easy! no matter what..things, emotions, relationships, friends or people. I think my EQ is improving... haha~ It's not a bad thing for being a laid-back person sometimes :)

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